From Mozirje and “Court of Vienna” to Bakar in Croatia and Portorož

The tradition has it that the family Matjaž has been in the catering business since the second half of the 19th century, while the written evidence shows that in 1908 in Mozirje, Jože Matjaž started an inn named “Pri Kočerju".

Inn "Pri Kočerju"

His daughters, Helena and Marija Matjaž, carried on with the tradition. Helena used to work as a cook at the Court of Vienna, while her sister Marija, benefiting from a rich family tradition in catering, went to Croatia to the small town of Bakar near Rijeka where she opened an inn “Pri Slovenki” which had gained over 20 years of her management an excellent reputation. Her son Mate started his apprenticeship in this very inn. Nowadays Mate is more known under his nickname Tomi. In 1978 he left Bakar together with his wife Darja and his mother Marija, and opened a restaurant Tomi in Portorož, which soon became well known.

The restaurant Tomi was awarded the prestigious title “Gostilna Slovenija”, due to its exceptional local and regional cuisine in particular consisting of meat and sea-food specialities. The quality and professionalism of their business reflect in the fact that two of their restaurants bear the brand “Gostilna Slovenija”, which is a warrant for a true, traditional and quality cuisine.

Besides the restaurant Tomi, the family manages Hotel Tomi, Vila Fiesa, Vila Strunjan and apartments Rab, all conceived in the name of top quality cuisine and beautiful ambience with a personal touch of the family Matjaž.

Family Matjaž